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The App for Concrete Pumping Contractors

Simplicity that does more. is a web-based cloud-computing application that streamlines the workflow for concrete pumping company operations; in a way that everyone benefits from its user-friendly design, from management, to the salesmen, to the field operators and mechanics. 


Anywhere, any device, anytime. Available online! No need to install different versions on every different device you own. Your company's PumpFLEET account is hosted on the same industry-leading servers as Google®, with 99.9% up-time and best-practice security measures to ensure your privacy while allowing your team to access the app when needed, wherever needed, to get work done, such as easily creating a new quote for a customer while on the road or filling out a work order before leaving the job-site.


Effective yet SIMPLE. User friendly for the whole team. It doesn't take much to figure out how to use the app. Management can easily access useful real-time up-to-date information for business decisions and planning. Roles can be performed with less employee training and greater satisfaction & quality of life. All while doing a better job focusing more time on your customers' needs and less time on paperwork.

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And BY YOU. Designed from the ground up specifically for Concrete Pumping Contractors. Our team has been working with pumping companies big & small to get input, feedback, and verify the design in ALL phases of development to guarantee the best solution.


All the features needed to keep your concrete pump fleet operating at peak performance. Our team is incessantly innovating and is here to support your needs! Scroll down for more details.


Great for ALL fleet sizes, whether you have one pump truck or a hundred. This app seamlessly supports and enables your company growth! The value only increases with company size.

  Scheduling & Dispatching

Scheduling and dispatching is a highly-critical role to perform and is a funnel-point in the value-stream to your customers. Everyone feels it when something is missed. The drag-and-drop calendar interface is uniquely designed for the process of scheduling work-orders and dispatching pump trucks to jobs while taking into consideration truck maintenance needs and down-time. Operators get the latest information on the work-orders and a convenient wake-up call feature is available.

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  Customer Database

With PumpFLEET, your customer database doubles as a CRM system with the ability to view customer notes alongside the history of business with that customer, all in one convenient profile. Store contact info for individuals, review any past or outstanding invoices, and flag the customer profile with a note as a reminder for yourself or others in your organization. Have all this and more at your finger-tips any time you interact with your customers!

  Employee Profiles

Since we offer unlimited users with each account, this allows every member of your team to be set up to access the system to benefit from the useful information and tools available. The employee profiles are where you can set roles & permission-levels and restrict access to sensitive information & to perform tasks only relevant to the role.

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pumpfleet maintenance.png
  Fleet Maintenance enables operators and other employees to submit maintenance tickets for the pump trucks, right from a smart-phone or other mobile devices. Maintenance tickets are organized and tracked for the mechanics' convenience. Keep notes on repairs, such as part numbers and part costs, these can be reviewed for reference at a later date.  

  Truck Profiles

All of your pump trucks and other assets, such as trailer pumps or other equipment, can be set up with a profile where information relevant to that asset is displayed. View the metrics on hours of service, mileage, and cubic-yards pumped. Also review any maintenance history and every work order that the truck has been dispatched to. 

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  Data Export

Integration with Google® Sheets automatically exports the work order list data to the spreadsheet of your choice. This stays in sync and updates as the work order is processed and completed. This makes it easy to integrate and use Pumpfleet with an existing accounting system such as Quickbooks®.

  And Much MORE!
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Concrete Pumping Invoicing
Concrete Pumping Quoting is an effective yet simple to use app that helps your concrete pumping company to be more successful with less effort and less risk, by providing accurate critical information and documentation: accessible online whenever and wherever needed.

Satisfaction for all:


•Easy to use

•Less paperwork, no redundant entry

•Helpful reminders and workflow

Concrete Pumping Scheduler

•Rapidly process, create, and schedule work requests as work orders

•Clear and simple drag-drop schedule

•Pump-truck/asset maintenance awareness & scheduling


•Actionable information available NOW!

•Automated workflows

•Less employee training

Concrete Pumping Software
Concrete Pumping Application

•Prompt quoting, truck availability, scheduling, and updates

Concrete Pumping Dispatching

•Easily create, send, and track quotes

•Log customer job info

•Customer database: customers, contacts, sites, quotes, accounts receivable status

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About Us

Our hope is that you would recognize us as a well-grounded and down-to-earth team, focused on helping you with practical solutions enabled by the latest technology. Every member of our team has a construction background. We're contractor's kids and the like, raised working construction. Through education and years of experience in diverse tech-related jobs we have developed a passion for new technology and its application in the construction trades. If you're ever in the area stop in and visit us in the top floor of the Ace/Avant building nestled in the countryside of Archdale, North Carolina.

Somero Matson Group
Beta Features (Under Development)
pumpfleet quote.png

Invoices can be swiftly created as the system captures the metrics and quantities, reported on the work orders, and applies the rates and policies stored with the relevant quote. Track invoice status' such as "Published", "Sent", "Paid", and 30, 60, 90-day overdue payment periods. There is also the option to void or write off invoices when required.

  Quote Generator

Rapidly produce professional & accurate quotes in the field on a smart-phone just as effectively as on the PC at the office. The quoting tool walks you through the process step-by-step to produce a .pdf document of the quote in minutes that you can share directly from your device. This also stores the data for quoted rates and is linked to the work-orders to populate invoices automatically, reducing human error and pain-staking double-entry.

Speak to a representative for more details on how to activate the beta features in your PumpFleet account. These features are under development and may not meet all of your accounting needs.

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